Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't forget the ponies!


It's Catherine-Rose posting again. I almost forgot these beautiful abstract horses my mom painted!

Here's a lone rider in a geometric wonderland of a field:

This one looks like a horse running through an angular abstract evergreen forest. For me, this conjures up the images of the horrible wildfires my mom had raging through her state not so long ago.

Thanks for checking in!

Daffodils, Ghost Town Abstracts and Peacock Bacon

Hi All!

Deeling's daughter, Catherine-Rose, here. I'm happy to announce that my mom just posted several new paintings. I'm surprised she managed to move her fingers to snap the photos - it's really cold right now where she is. (6 degrees Fahrenheit!)

Here they are, for your enjoyment:


This one shows a sweet little boy in a green sweatshirt playing in a garden filled with yellow daffodils, purple irises and lots of fun rocks. Rocks are awesome when you have a wild imagination.

Here is one of a few abstracts. I personally like her abstract art best:

Ghost Town Sound 1
Ghost Town Sound 2By the way, Ghost Town Sound is a project of my hyper talented dad. I think it's safe to call it reggae/country fusion.

I named this next abstract. Don't ask why, it just came to mind:

Peacock Bacon
If you like these, please comment below! I know she'd love to hear from you. :) If you *really* like them, you can always show your support for her here: