Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Seated Child"

"Seated Child" is part of my series of paintings about childhood. I had an idyllic childhood myself and realize that these days it's a rare commodity! This was originally a large scale watercolor. Watercolor is a lovely medium, but the paper has to be protected, and the frames are expensive and cumbersome. I did a large number of paintings on paper, which I had intended to do as oil paintings, but was prevented by a developed sensitivity to oil paints. However, with the new technological advances, I once again can paint in oils! It is very exciting to me, much as I love watercolors. In fact, one of my ongoing projects is to paint oil on canvas versions of the watercolor paintings I had hoped to paint in oil. This painting is one of the first paintings I was able to do once again in oil. "Seated Child" is an oil painting on canvas, 50" x 38," painted in 2007 from my watercolor painting done earlier.